Bulk Bucket Inquiry

We’re glad you’re interested in buckets of local flowers! Blooms from the farm are available (roughly) April through November. If you would like bulk buckets during the winter, we can source them for you!

Bulk bucket order forms that are submitted less than a week prior to pick up might not be possible. Please keep this in mind. Orders are not guaranteed until they are confirmed and payment is submitted.


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Phone Number
Please tell us the date of the event and the date you would like to acquire the flowers. We will explain options for pick up and delivery in our reply.
Buckets contain 50-75 stems of focal flowers, secondary flowers and filler. Unfortunately we cannot tell you how many buckets you need, but we suggest at least 1/2 bucket per bouquet and 1/3 bucket per centerpiece. But it all depends on how you arrange!
Type of Buckets
Would you like Farmers Choice or Custom Color? (If you're unsure, go with farmers choice -- it's our favorite!)
How would you like to receive the buckets? *
You can make an appointment to pick up at our studio in downtown Marshall, 101 N. Main Street, Suite 2. You can also receive your buckets by delivery in the Asheville city limits on Wednesdays. The third option is pickup at the Grey Eagle Music Hall on Clingman Avenue between 2 and 4 p.m. on Wednesdays. If you're unsure about these options, please select other, and we'll discuss.
If you have a question or idea about delivery or pick up, please let us know.
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