Bulk Buckets

It’s fun to arrange flowers! So if you’re interested in buying flowers by the bucket, you’ve come to the right page! We sell bulk buckets of local flowers spring through autumn. Please inquire about your date.

Two Options

All buckets of flowers contain 50-75 stems of focal flowers (the big ones), secondary blooms and filler flowers. Farmers choice buckets (in which we choose the colors and varieties) cost $80 and are guaranteed to include at least 4 varieties. Custom buckets start at $100, and you can specify colors.

Flowers When It’s Cold

If you are interested in bulk flowers from November through April, know that we will likely fill your order with blooms sourced from other places. We can do that, but the pricing above is reserved for local flowers. Off-season flowers cost about twice as much.

Flowers Bulk Buckets

Dahlias and Cosmos

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge that we really should have professional photos taken of these buckets!

Bulk buckets of flowers

Early Summer Bulk Bucket

But they sure are pretty, even if we did take poorly like iPhone photos of them.

DIY Flowers Asheville

Farmers Choice is Cool

This farmers choice bucket was an exceedingly good deal. We probably shouldn’t use this photo because there are so many flowers in here. But that’s the beauty of farmers choice! Sometimes we send extras.