What I Saw at the Center of the Flower World

For one evening, I felt like everything important that was happening in flowers was all around me!


I grew up in the south and had never heard of the Philadelphia Flower Show before I started the farm. But when my cousin Grace, who grew up on our family flower farm in Lancaster and spent her adult life in Philadelphia, moved to Asheville and started working on the farm, she assured me I’d do more than hear about it. I’d have to see it! 


The Philadelphia Flower Show is one of the oldest and largest events of its kind. Asheville was still a mud hole full of pigs and whiskey hovels when the flower show was founded in 1829.

During the week leading up to the show, greenhouse growers, florists, landscapers and enthusiasts transform the space into a maze of installations. The Philadelphia Horticultural Society sponsors it, so there are tons of specimen plants competing for blue ribbons. It’s fun to see plants in their most perfect form!