Building the Circle Arch

I love a big, flashy ceremony piece. Obviously, as a florist, I am biased toward very flowery pieces, but I think it’s more than that. Your wedding ceremony is so important! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to say your vows. Beautiful flowers are a way of commemorating the importance of the moment — while it’s happening and in the photos for years to come.

Clients frequently ask for recommendations about how to spend their floral budget. I always say the same thing! If you have to choose, invest in statement areas and do less in places that will be busy and full of people, such as pew hangers (they add up fast!) and even centerpieces.

The circle arch, needless to say, is a favorite of mine. I was so happy to build it at Claxton Farm this weekend. It’s the third time we’ve built this piece, and I’m itching for a fourth go at it! I have some new ideas.

Asheville Wedding Florist

These large pieces are investments, but I think the circle arch is a particularly good value for what it is! If your budget is $3,000 or more, there’s a good chance we can work some version of the arch into your plan! This wedding actually had a smaller budget, but they didn't have a bridal party, and they didn’t require much other decoration, so the circle arch turned out to be a great fit!