Dahlias for the People

We love dahlias, and we like to think they’re pretty fond of us too. These flowers, originally from the mountains of Mexico, prefer cool nights and warm days. In the Western North Carolina, we have those conditions!

This year, we greatly expanded the number of dahlias we’re growing. Here are just a few!

Cafe au Lait (below) is one of the most famous dahlias we grow. Beloved by brides for its soft, muted champagne and blush colors, it’s also great for admiring in a vase at home.

Cafe au Lait Dahlias in Asheville Flower Farm

Peaches N Cream (below) blooms with a variety of patterns on its petals!

Peaches N Cream Asheville Flower Farm

I didn’t know it was possible to love a yellow dahlias as much as I love the one below! It looks sort of highlighter in this photo, but in real life, it’s soft and gorgeous.

Dahlias Asheville Flower Farm

Below we have Sandra and Sweet Natalie! I love hot pink way more than I realized I would!

Dahlias Asheville Flower Farm

Dahlias don’t actually peak until mid-September, so we’re still in ramping up mode. New blooms come online everyday! Can’t wait to share more colors and varieties as they come in.

If you’re looking to grow dahlias at home, here are a few great places to buy dahlia tubers for planting in spring:

Swan Island Dahlias

Summer Dreams Farm

Five Fork Farms

Sunny Meadows Flower Farm

If you’re still looking for a variety, the tried and true resource for locating tubers by variety is Dahlia Addict. It’s an amazing resource where you can see who sells what!

Dahlia Addict