Sharing the Story of Local Flowers

We love our friends in the media! Emily, who heads Carolina Flowers, used to be a journalist, and she thinks it's fascinating to be on the other side of the interview. Thanks for your support, writers and photographers! If you're a member of the media interested in connecting with Carolina Flowers, please send an email to

Carolina Flowers in the News

  • Blue Ridge Public Radio

    • What a treat it was to host Jen Nathan Orris of ASAP Connections at the farm! It’s always nerve wracking to be interviewed for radio, but we love the way Jen edited the sounds of the farm into the story!

  • Nat Geo Traveler

    • We are so proud to be representing this city among the amazing ensemble cast of this video! See our farmers market booth and watch Emily chatter about how much she likes the party atmosphere at the 8:10 minute mark before ceding the screen to our friend Circi, cheese monger extraordinaire, who is really the star of this video!