Plan Your Flowers

Welcome to the Carolina Flowers planning process! We believe each couple deserves a unique, personalized floral plan. The form below will help us collect information and start the process.

If you’re planning a DIY wedding and want to pick up your flowers at the studio, or if you simply don’t like forms, feel free to skip this part and just send an email to

Otherwise, take some time to read through the questions below! We’re asking for a lot of detail up front. Don’t feel like you have to know all the answers right now. As long as we know your date and venue, we can get started on a custom proposal.

Bride/Groom's Name *
Bride/Groom's Name
Bride/Groom's Name
Bride/Groom's Name
Primary Contact
Primary Contact
Please let us know who is filling out this form and to whom we should address the response!
If your ceremony and reception are happening at different locations, be sure to let us know that too!
Please let us know if this person is a day-of coordinator, or if you have contracted with them for extensive planning services.
We love classic white and green, and we love all the colors of the rainbow and everything in between! And no, you don't have to have a color scheme! We're happy to select the most splendid flowers from the field for your event.
This question is one of the most important things we ask! We want to make sure we send you a proposal that meets your needs. If you don't have a set number, please suggest a range.
Personal flowers are the items you'll keep close to you on your big day! Please consider the following items. How many of each will you need? Bridal Bouquet Bridesmaid Bouquets Shoulder Corsage Wrist Corsage Flower Crowns Boutonnieres Flower Girl Petals Other
Tell us about the setting of the ceremony! What type of decoration do you have in mind? Arbor? Large arrangements? Pew decoration?
There are all sorts of places to decorate for the reception! When we know your venue, we'll be able to make some suggestions. But for now, tell us your ideas about centerpieces, mantle decor, installations, statement pieces, bar flowers and anything else that comes to mind!
What shape are the tables you're using for the reception, and how many are there?
What are your venue's policies for set up and clean up? What time can set up begin? When must clean up take place? (This is a question many couples don't know early on, so feel free to skip it if you're not sure!)
What floral pieces are most important to you and why? What are your expectations for those important areas? When we're making recommendations about your budget, we'll be sure to refer to these notes.
Be sure to let us know about flower-related allergies or any other sensitivities.
Vases come in all materials! Ceramic, glass, metal, wood -- tell us what you think.
Are you super visual? A list maker? Do you love email? Text message? Phone? Face to face? We'll do our best to accommodate your style!
We'd love to see your inspiration images. You can paste a link to images you love in the box below, or link to your Pinterest board. You can also email images to If you do link to a Pinterest board, be sure to follow us so we can see your profile even if it's private. You can find Carolina Flowers on Pinterest at